Stray dog just bit me... do i have chances of getting rabies

Hi guys have u ever been bitten by a stray dog …

I have scar on my hand it bleeded…what should i do…???


Go to the ER @far_cry0.
Rabies is a possibility, they will check it out and treat your wounds.

Good luck buddy


Go to a hospital @far_cry0 you need a doctor help or advice, seriously


Get a rabies shot. You don’t know if that dog had rabies or not. Better to err on the side of caution.

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youre in nepal right? ive read that stray dogs in south asia are huge carriers of rabies so i would definitely go to a hospital/doctor

I always thought that when you got bitten by a dog you thought might have rabies you just kept the dog penned up for ten days and observed it for signs of rabies.

oh no worries ull probably turn into a werewolf now but that’s about it :wink:

no seriously farcry did you see a doctor or just went to bed?


Do you have the dog? Maybe the doctor can check the dog for rabies, which may prevent you from having unnecessary rabies shots.

If you don’t have the dog you need to err on the side of caution and get rabies shots.

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@far_cry0 are you ok?
Did you go to the Hospital?
Check in with us buddy when you can.


I wouldn’t take chances; go to the ER if you can.
I wish you well.

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Really all animals have the possibility of carrying rabies. It’s a really widespread virus. You should get to a doctor fast as possible. You can get shots that will get rid of it in the very unfortunate case you do have it.

In the us we try to catch the animal and have it tested for rabies, so that way you don’t have To Go through the series of shots for rabies

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