Strawberries in the market place

I like strawberries. I sometimes buy a liter of strawberries in the market place and then eat these in the city park. In many ways it is nice to look at different produce that people are selling in the market place.

Do you like strawberries? It is a strawberry season here.


That sounds like a nice outing. Glad you enjoyed.

In my area we have a lot of produce stands. Mainly it’s the Mexican populations, little home farms for all kinds of fruit and vegetables.

I have good memories going to them with my aunt. We’d always look for the places selling chili and lime cups of fruit. Fresh mangos and blueberries were my favorite.

Nice memories of pleasant times.

I like them a lot if they’re from the Netherlands or further north. Not so much if they’re from further south. Too bland.

We have local farms that produce strawberries.

Yes we do as well. The smell there is amazing. But the rest of the year, when it’s not strawberry season, we have to import our strawberries.

We grow strawberries in our backyard. Super fresh and tasty.

i like strawberries but i get rashes from them… but i still like them though and occasionally i eat them.

I love strawberries. But I only get the frozen ones because the fresh are too expensive. But when there’s a good sale I get the fresh ones. Yum!

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