Strategy or surrender?

We have a landline and I disabled all ringers except the phone in my room. Anyone who hides their name or number gets talk and cancel on first ring. We’ve had problems with stalkers and trolls before. They say noth-

ing and I hear tv in the background or they blast music. This is in addition to the multiple scammers and tele-marketers daily. But for a week now I’m the one they can’t get past if I can’t see who it is. If it’s kaiser perma-

nente of course I answer but anyone else gets their time wasted. I can just let it ring, talk cancel or talk mute. My parents don’t get bothered and I can quickly deal with the stress of someone ringing the phone by trolling

them. We all have mobile phones anyway and the landline just exists. But is this dealing with it or giving in to fear? 99% of the time the caller is hiding themself but I recognize it’s a troll because I see the same number.

edit: it was perfectly justified in the preview

Maybe you could report it?

I don’t think getting rid of the phone is letting anyone else win. Get rid of it! It’ll save money, too.

Those are multi-digit spoof numbers that they use over and over but at this point I would write them down and keep track of five call numbers. I would report this to the police? Idk what they would do for free but I don’t feel comfortable with the police because of the things they’ll likely do because they can. Can police be trolls? Yes.

I don’t pay the bill but it’s up to my parents. It will affect the triple package deal. Phone, internet, cable.

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Can you change your phone number ?

Idk if my parents would like that and they might fight each other which they do a lot. Abnormal family. But I can first approach my dad to see what his mood is. If I had my way a bot would end call on all unidentified callers.

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The first thought that jumped to mind for me is, let it ring so that it bothers your parents enough to unplug it.

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