Strangest thing

So I don’t have regular hallucinations anymore. Notice things only when I’m extremely stressed. Anyways I took a nap and set like a half hour timer. I fell asleep and woke up ten minutes later and I remember looking up and to my left and I thought I saw something hanging from the ceiling then as I tried to focus on it it looked like a dragonfly. I started sitting up to try to get a better look as it was hard to focus on even though it was staying in one spot and it kinda just disappeared. I think it’s weird but decide to go back to sleep. I wake up with my alarm going off and I look at the wall and see like 8-10 big black bugs crawling on the wall. I sit up really fast startled and suddenly they disappeared as well.

I’m not really concerned about this I figure my eyes and brain were just still sleeping and not processing properly. It was just really weird cause I’ve never had it happen before. Really startled me the second time the bugs looked gross like roaches.


I think there’s a name for hallucinations when waking or before you fall asleep I can’t remember what they call them but I’ve heard it somewhere before.

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