Strangest of them all

Whats the strangest thing you ever see or hear or feel?

A feeling of horror and nightmare when awake that can’t be described in words. It’s like madness. I had it since kid. Something like derealization, dissociation, horror, feeling something bad is going to happen, disorganization


Wow. I feel that all the time. It gets better.

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Yes, I had it mainly in childhood. And once last year. It’s crazy. I can’t describe it

I was in target in a parallel universe and everyone shape shifted into aliens.

Meds don’t stop those thoughts?

Well, it happened but in another life. I believe it was real but I shouldn’t remember unless there is something non material.

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In schiz like a different state of being/ dimension in glorious abduance.

When Alien takes over my mind and sometimes even my body

i thought i was a ghost once, that was pretty strange and scary.

Before my diagnosis I thought the entire world was delusional. What a shock when i find out that I was the delusional one.

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