Strange visual

Hi, I thought there was a giant beatle dangling above me, I jumped out of bed and turned the light on but nothing was there, it was very strange and felt so real :confused:

Maybe it was a hallucination or you imagined it

Yep, Ringo Starr gained a little weight over the years.

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And skin type :smiley: lol,

Seriously though it was weird

This is fairly common, even amongst neurotypicals… Don’t worry :slight_smile:


yeah, must be that then, thanks minnii,

i dont normally have hallucinations in my sleep but it was very real, you are right i was half asleep and just woke after putting my head down.

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@asgoodasitgets I have experienced that before except in my case it’s a large spider not a beetle. I didn’t realize I could jump out of bed so fast.:scream:

:slight_smile: idk why it was a beatle, i think i must be scared of them more than spiders deep down, i use to own a spider as a pet so its not as scary to me i think

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