Strange things have happened on Christmas

Basically back in Dec 1999 I had voices ‘they come on Christmas day’, I lived in one house in Atlanta at the time after my former US spouse had left, and then a few days passed and then it was Christmas day and I was alone. Soon I heard the garage door opening and they arrived, my former spouse and two of her family members, so they came as these voices had told me, they tried to come to the house, but I did not let this happen. I thought this was a strange experience.

Did you go through a depression when you set into psychosis?

In America I had many periods of depression before I started hearing voices and having auditory hallucinations.

My two psychotic episodes were triggered by depression after job loss. Once when I was 23 years old, and my worst one at 28 years old. At 30 years old I agreed to take medication.

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