Strange sensations in my head, is it serious?

yesterday i started feeling kind of strange, i have pulsing sensations behind my ears periodically and a feeling of fullness there. my hearing fades out every once in a while and i have a constant low level headache.

last week i started demonstrating extrapyramidal symptoms of sucking/chewing and tongue movements. they haven’t stopped since then but they are very mild or completely unnoticeable.

i’ve also been getting brain zaps and am on an ssri (fluvoxamine) and an antipsychotic (aripiprazole) and i reduced the dose of aripiprazole last week

i feel like it definitely isn’t a hallucination, more like a distortion. but i have never seen or heard anything for the time i have been ill (2years) so that seems like a poor explanation

should i talk to someone medical about these sensations in my head? i feel like they might be something serious like a brain tumor or a stroke waiting to happen…

Yes, definitely get it checked out.

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im secretly hoping it will be something serious so my parents will actually give a darn about what’s going on with me. plus, if its a tumor that could be the cause of my sz and an easy way out of this nightmare.

on a more positive note, having a “real illness” is something people will actually want to feel sympathy for. not that im fishing for sympathy, i just feel like nobody wants to talk about mental illness. like its a dirty subject or something…