Strange psychotic symptoms explained, voices, dreams, sleep etc

Our observations of hundreds of depressed patients had confirmed that excessive worry puts huge stress on the REM sleep mechanism. This led us to hypothesise that schizophrenia develops in those particularly imaginative, highly sensitive people who become so stressed that the REM sleep discharge mechanism cannot take the strain, and so their ability to separate waking reality from the metaphorical reality of the dream world (where the metaphors themselves seem totally real), becomes impaired. When they wake up, they cannot properly switch out of the REM state and become stuck in it.

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The other side of the story…

Joe Griffin’s theory of dreams has a new website (via The MindFields College Blog). That’s the expectation/fulfillment theory of dreaming, or, as I like to think of it, the “I expect people will like my theory if only we can publicise it enough, and then, oh boy, will I be fulfilled.”

I was going to do a whole analysis of the site, but frankly, I got bored. I can only take so much random waffling about how revolutionary a mishmash of random, half-understood ideas is in one sitting. So here’s a few notes…


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lol somehow i already could have told you thats what schizophrenia was. actually ive been telling ppl they just think im crazy.