Strange or awkward situations you have been in

One time years ago a neighbor around age 15 said for $100 I could have sex with his mom. I don’t know if they needed money or what. I didn’t do it. I would never help my mom sell her body for money.

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maybe he just wanted a little brother to play with lol

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Funny!..but couldn’t they save $80 and just get a cat?

Any time someone dies in the family it’s awkward because I’m not the type of person to cry; I was called heartless once for it.
Another awkward scene was talking to my prinicipal about how I’m not suicidal despite submitting a suicidal poem to my English class :sweat: (very much an accident! To this day I don’t know how I did it).

I was working at Sears a long time ago unloading trucks. I was one of the fastest, best workers there. I was there four years and saw many people come and go.

We got one guy and pretty soon other crew members were making fun of him. Not usually to his face because the guy was built pretty solid and got some respect but people would make little comments on weird stuff he said or did. I realized soon that he had some kind of mental illness. Takes one to know one right?

But people never referred to him as "crazy’ or anything like that they just laughed at him. But I worked there four years and no one knew I had a mental illness. I barely talked to that guy but the mental health clinic where I saw my doctor was near my house and I went there one day for an appointment with my therapist and the guy from Sears walked in. Awkward! For me, more than him. Busted! We acknowledged each other, said a few words. The funny thing was he never told anyone or treated me any different at work.

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