Strange habits you can't shake

I have the habit of turning on the fan every time I go in the bathroom, the fan is loud and I guess it kind of makes me feel safe. Even though I feel like i’m getting better by the day, I have done this for so long that it has become a habit of paranoia. Do any of you have strange habits that you do because of mental disorder?

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my ex and i had the fans on constantly as it was a distraction that helped and it also kept us cool and helped us breathe easier, idk if that what you mean.

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I’m another one that has the fan on constantly. The sound helps me feel relaxed.

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I thought I was the only one, because I used to never do that.

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I am trying to break the habit of “odd placing”. I put dishes on the piano keys and put obstacles down the hall before we go out to check and see that no one comes in while we’re gone.

I used to this obsessively and it didn’t work, because if my sis came home before me, she would tidy up and then I couldn’t tell if we’ve had a break- in or not.

But now, I know she’ll tidy up, but I can’t help it… I just get in to the habit of setting stuff in different places before I leave for work. I try to just walk out the door with out doing it… but it eats at me all day if I don’t.

I’ve had some OCDish issues for a long time. One thing that used to really bother me was that I couldn’t just turn off the tv. I always had to turn it off when something “special” was playing. I’d sometimes surf channels for a long time to get something on it so that I could finally turn it off.

I don’t know exactly why, maybe I didn’t want to last thing I saw on it to be lame? I can’t even define what “special” meant, it just had to feel right.

The good thing is that I haven’t watched tv in years so this doesn’t happen anymore.

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I like fans to move the air. There’s something about this location where the air isn’t oxegonated enough and gets stale quickly.
Strange habit? Pulling out beard hairs

Fans running amplify voices, music and seem to bring out the spooks in my house.

I sleep with a fan on…

It’s ironic really as I tend as a rule not to sleep with fans…

Talking to myself and tapping my fingers to the music in my head.

I keep a fan on when I lay down to help cover the sound of the boom cars…it’s basically 24 hours a day.

Oh, I have all sorts of little things I do like that. Like if I have a glass of soda, I tap it on the table to knock all the bubbles off the sides of the glass. Or if I’m passing through a yellow light, I kiss my hand and knock twice on the ceiling of the car. If I’m staring at a digital clock, I’ll try to blink right as the time changes. I have a ton of these things, just odd little habits I picked up over the years. It feels wrong if I don’t do them. Symmetry is another big thing, especially tactile symmetry. If I’m touched on one side of my face, for example, I have to touch the exact spot on the other side to balance it out, or even make them do it. I’ve had these habits for as long as I can remember.

Oh hey, you have music in your head too? I have a constant soundtrack, though it’s usually the same song over and over again for hours until something replaces it.

Yeah, I know everyone has songs in their head but I think it’s a bit more extreme for me, especially when I’m feeling manic. I don’t know if it’s quite as bad as yours though from what you describe.

Right now it’s Take Me To Church by Hozier, usually it’s a song I’ve listened to at some point in the day. It’ll last overnight, too, I’ll wake up with the same song I had when I went to bed. The only time I’ve had reprieve from the music for years was when I was on a higher dose of Risperdal, though the nasty side effects made me ask my pdoc to lower the dose, which brought the music back.

My wife likes rooms to be bright. I’m prone to migraines and dislike strong lighting. We sort of go in circles turning on and turning off each other’s lighting.


I’ve had ‘Team’ from Lorde in my head a lot since it came out. But, I’m sure that has something to do with having listened to it a lot. It has a cool beat I can tap my fingers to…lol.

That is spooky… my sis does that exact same thing when she’s running a “dark yellow” light… It’s actually red.