Strange experience last night

Last night was rough…weird considering the night before I had such pleasant dreams…

It started out as just a normal dream…then it almost felt like my dream was hijacked…this random man showed up and I knew he was some sort of entity…and he started using powers and we were fighting only he was able to combat everything I did…like I would try to use my powers and he would say “you can’t do that” and suddenly I couldn’t…during one of these times he gently prompted me “Now you say that you can…” or something like that, and I did and my powers worked…it was like in some strangely cruel/tough way, he was teaching me…maybe about how the nonphysical plane works…power isn’t so much measured by what you can do so much as the strength of your will…magical abilities are all well and good for fighting random lesser beings but the higher ups seem to fight through sheer will power alone…I am not practiced in this method…

Anyways at one point this entity claimed he would kill me, to which I responded, confused, “But I can’t be killed” as I knew we were on the nonphysical plane and thus immortal. In response I suddenly woke up to my bedroom in real life only there was graffiti all over the walls, messages he’d left…saying he was coming for me and my family and whatnot…and I realized he was trying to come into the physical where he could kill me…I was very frightened

I tried to wake up several times but each time I’d wake up to a room with graffiti on the walls or I’d watch it appear. It felt so real. Also while in this state I felt myself being drawn back into the dream, somehow falling back asleep despite having to have still been asleep myself…

It was an utterly bizarre experience. So yeah. Fighting for my life with some entity that for reasons unknown to me had it out for me, but also wanted to teach me?? Also there was one point in the dream where it was chasing me and I remember thinking “Weird, it hasn’t tried to rape me at all” considering most things that antagonize me in my dreams end up doing that, and then I remember thinking grimly “I think I wish it was trying to do that instead of what it’s trying to do now” which was torture and kill me slowly. What the hell did I do to deserve that…maybe it just thought I was too prideful in my abilities…I remember thinking the second It countered me that this was something much older than me and realizing just how little I knew about the nonphysical and of how great a disadvantage that left me at.

Anyways sorry for the rambling I just had to share.


Don’t under estimate your self

That could explain the extreme amounts of intimidation. Maybe they’re just waiting until I’m completely desensitized to all of it. I’m already numb to a lot of things. I flipped out in my nightmare last night though, sort of silly considering it was only a ghost coming after me and I’ve dealt with those toooons of times.

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Underestimating is less dangerous than overestimating

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However…it’s two very different things…not getting scared by something vs already having huge amounts of fear and then having to function regardless.

The second is much harder in my opinion. Like my dream last night I felt as though I had been INJECTED with fear. Normally ghosts don’t scare me anymore but I was already extremely fearful for some reason. Thus if they are trying to teach me how to function and fight while extremely fearful, I am doing poorly at that :joy: But I am extremely frightened by less and less things, so I think they actually send me frightened energy to put me in that state for training. Does that make sense?

You seem to go out of your way to focus on the dreamworld as a separate entity, rather than what it is, a metaphor for real life.

Well I believe humans are both physical and nonphysical creatures. While awake we live in the physical but asleep we traverse the nonphysical. Our beliefs, emotions and memories can change how we experience the nonphysical.

ive been hit by a dream looper… mine was more mundane… hop out of bed walk down the stairs check the fridge… hop out of bed walk down the stairs check the fridge… I did it prolly 4 times before I laughed and forced myself awake… I have the same issue with dreams it feels more like a giant playground than my mind trying to process the daily grind of life…

@mike_shady you shouldn’t casually talk about the watchers… you know its contagious… they are hardly demons though…

it was a red glowing face that would roar at me is all i know , accompanied on the third visit by a crying lady , strange thing is the 2nd time it happened i had just gone toilet come back to lay down and felt the paralysis starting n was like oh shet its happening again , so i knew i was fully awake

i wrote a book on them… well most of a book… i will never finish it and i will never let anyone read it… you would do well to not dwell on them and restrain yourself from sharing with others…