Strange delusion

My brother told me that I believed I was an alcoholic and addicted to morphine was a delusion. How do I know if it was a delusion? I still believe I’m an alcoholic in recovery. I used to binge drink, and used morphine to cope with voices and to sleep.

Maybe in this case it is better to believe what might be a delusion and continue your efforts to remain an alcoholic in recovery. There are worse ones to support, certainly, than a belief that you need to help yourself achieve better health.

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He probably doesn’t see you use those substances and doesn’t understand the ‘once an addict always an addict’ concept.

Explain to him that people who go to alcoholics anonymous who don’t drink anymore still have to say 'my name is whatever and I’m an alcoholic ’ before they say something. As a reminder.

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Thank you. No. He has not seen my struggle. I’ve always been the one who manages everything. Any obstacle is a new adventure to climb on. Until sz hit me and I completely stopped functioning like a normie.

I had people in my own family who doubted that I was a real addict, despite four years of smoking crack and risking my life to get it and I couldn’t stop on my own and a million other signs.You can’t let other people decide for you if you are an addict or alcoholic or not. You have to figure out if you really are or not and if you really are than don’t let anyone deter you from seeking recovery. Once you settle it in your mind than stick with it no matter what anyone says.

I don’t know you so I don’t know if your an alcoholic and addict or not. But you may very well be but now your brother has planted a seed of doubt in your mind which is not a good thing if you are really an addict/alcoholic. Get it settled in your own mind if you’re addicted. This is serious issue because your life may be at stake.

Your brother is probably not an expert on addictions so take his words with a grain of salt. If you are having doubts than do a search online for self tests for alcoholism and drug addiction. There’s a lot of tests like this online and if you take a few of them you can determine if you are really addicted to drugs and alcohol. But whatever you do, DON"T USE.

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I even went to rehab where we learned to cope with cravings. Social services got me into that education. I had meds for stopping cravings from alcohol. I don’t remember the name of it, but it was three HUGE pills two times/day.

I still believe I was addicted to alcohol and morphine. I can miss the sedated state. But I won’t go there again. It’s poison. It’s death to mix alcohol with morphine.

You have to decide what is best for yourself. If drinking is a big problem for you then It would be good to stop. I wouldn’t let my brother be the final word.

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I was thinking that… your brother might not have seen you at a low point… that you managed to hide it well from family.

No matter what your brother’s perception of the past… the fact that your working on being healthy now is sort of all you can do.

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