Strange beliefs

like of traumatic brain injury as a small child

like of being in a lion’s den and inside the other animal’s cages at the zoo at age 2

like of an “enemy” babysitter having put mice in my head

i’d like to wrap these ideas in a scarf and blow it all away.


Dreams or nightmares. I thought my adopted brother was talking, but come to think of it, his lips weren’t moving. It was my wakeful dreaming. Dreaming something good can throw me off just as much as dreaming something bad.

I came to realize this world had screwed with me so much that I began screwing with myself. Lies every which way I turned. “Stuck between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea” is a saying meaning that we’ve either got a templated science to turn to or a templated religion other than that…no one cares to share any info (if anyone actually knows).

This situation began to infuriate me so much that I no longer felt fear of what what could have been done to me but rather strength in knowing it didn’t have me permanently. Most certainly I could get killed in the physical but what then if I continue on as only an intangible mind…an intangible mind with an angered vengeance and broad access to everything in the physical.

I think we dread too much about how this life may be getting messed up for us and not realizing how impossible it would be for anything to truly go right here.

I no longer see this world as any sort of demonic trap but rather a shoddy half completed video game and the developers took their money and ran.

Take a Devil May Care attitude - Trust me on this…and if the Devil does care enough to come running out of hiding, kick the ■■■■■■■ in the nuts.