Strange behavior, what's going on with my mind?

my general intellect is still there, but I have a very selectively forgetful nature. for example I can remember a phone number from just reciting it once, and I can remember to go to a Dr.'s appointment a month in advance, but I’ll forget my gym bag when going to the gym, or forget to bring my gloves when going to work. it doesn’t make sense to me.

does anyone else relate? and, what is this? a type of brain lesion maybe in a specific part of the brain?

is there any exercises I can do to help with this?

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Practicing mindfulness will help, it has helped me.

Yeah I have the same issue. I think when your head is trying to manage two realities you just have trouble keeping track of things sometimes. Hm.

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When I shower, I’ll use shampoo, rinse it out and then go to grab the shampoo again having forgotten that I just used it. I too can remember a conversation I had with ex-husband 19 years ago but not whether I am on to body wash or conditioner :thinking:
I worry a lot about it because I am an attorney, now disabled, but my goal is to return to work. What if I forget important facts…ugh…sza is challenging but I have no choice in the matter so all I can do is try as hard as I can to make it off disability and earn what I am used to $20-$37.00/hr. $823/mo was a huge adjustment. The good news is that I am still a licensed attorney, just in an inactive disability status. I can seek reinstatement when I am mentally healthy enough :money_mouth:

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