Strange banana peel and a noose

My banana this morning for breakfast was strange. I broke the top near the stem with a distinctive crack that sounded like knuckles “popping”. Shrugging that off i began to peel the banana skin back, with each inch of the banana uncovered from the peel the pink skin of the banana started to bleed. The insides of the banana looked like clumps of yellow squishy fat cells. I threw my breakfast away.

People I pass today all seem to be playing with rope. Many of them have been tying nooses and draping them over their heads, tightening them around their necks like ties for suits. Those that don’t have the ropes have a bruise like line around their necks and bloodshot eyes, red eyes. I am not sure why their eyes are red.

I am trying to think of animals and beauty but every image I conjure gets disfigured with a series of scars bruises and cuts. I feel dizzy. I wish it were Thursday. I want to go home.

Something is hurting very much and needs validation from others because it could lead to serious consequences if left untreated.


my girlfriend and I kayaked out to an uninhabited island once and on the island we found a fire pit and next to the fire pit there was a noose hanging from a tree…it was creepy.

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I don’t know what it is but I want it to STOP!!!

just remember it is a delusion not reality…tomorrow is another day hopefully a better delusion…!!
take care’

It has to be something unspeakable, something you’d never admit to anyone else, but way deep down inside, it is something you wish weren’t true.
Think of whatever it is most precious to you, something you think you can’t live without…

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