Strange auditory hallucination

Okay when I hear voices they tend be sounding like tinnitus in my ears. The voices are mostly clear but very the pitch and hiss and buzz in my ear as they talk. Another odd one with my voices I hear is in other sounds like the cars in the streets passing by and only talk and adjust to the sounds of the engine and the tires of the car. It’s not like my brain is making up voices these sound clean and talk to me. I also interact with these voices while they talk to me in this way.

I was wondering if anyone can also hear voices that sound like mine. Or am I the only one? I’m not talking about interacting with the voices, I’m still trying to work on not to do that.

I used to hear voices in my tires as well. The sound of the tire would sound like a voice. Also the sound of cars passing my car would sound like a voice. Even going over potholes sounded like voices. It’s all just a delusion.