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I was diagnosed in 97…after attacking my godfather’s sister, who happened to be the bishop of the town i live and was born in. deep in the south of mexico. i was qualified a notorious case to the nation becuase my psicotic outbrake was during a political controversy between goverment radicalism for natural resourse positioning and liberation church theology radicalism using indigineous rights to look for their own interest in the region.
i am born of a us citizen from NY…my mother, and an indiginous father Mayan…no wonder i’m under this health dilema. pffff.

I’ve seen a glimpse of change in this part of the world, for 30 years…witnessed indiginous violence and racism, mexican’s poverty of culture, their fall into corruptability, their method of segregation. the rich making this country a mess, and the poor helping the rich with that. I’ve seen the detrimen the U.S has done on the overal region due to the consumer industry and substance culture it has developed in tha past 40 years.

I’m cast out of three cultures…
Indigenous Maya
North american

So I will write some of this story here…to practice.

i’ve been sugested to write the story so not to carry all this informaqtion with me…and also provide a new perspective on how a schizoprhenic manages to live in a context full of challenges.

once i’m familiar with the rules of this forum i will relate better to my fellow companions.

Thanks for sharing some of your story here it is nice to hear from your part of the world

Thanks kate xxx

My dad had the spark of creativity, but he had no desire to express it. He was an architect, and he made an abstract painting that was really excellent that we hung on the wall of our den. He worked for a private architecture firm for a little while, but then he got a job with the government. He didn’t want to be a maverick artist. He wanted a family and a middle class life. I think that was what nearly all those of his generation wanted. I don’t think it even occurred to him to want something different. Today it seems like everyone wants to be a maverick creative genius, myself included.

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This is called a path in time


this one is called: Town’s battle

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