Story time amd question at the end

Ok so this all started two years ago. My older sister was pregnant and she had given birth to my niece way earlier than expected bc she had some complications so she had an emergency c section . And I got my niece amberlee so she had to be kept in the NICU for two months and my sister and grandma stayed at the Ronald McDonald house and me my younger sister and my mother would drive up there (they were 4 hours away) and stay almost every weekend well amberlee was getting ready to get discharged at the end of the two months and we were all at the Ronald McDonald house packing and everyone was taking turns holding amberlee and when my mom asked me if I wanted to hold her my older sister came in and got mad yelling hell no she is not allowed to hold my child. She might kill her if the voices say so. I got mad and stormed out. A few months go by and my older sister leaves amberlee with my grandma and mom and takes off to be with a boy and I put my life on hold to help my grandma while my mother was at work with amberlee because she was disabled and had Alot of appointments so I helped. Fast forward to now my older sister will call me only when she needs something but when she does she reminds me that I gave up in school (college)
bc my problems got so bad I couldn’t do it so I got a medical drop out. But why does my sister do this to me. Have any of y’all ever had this happen to u
P. S my sister was 20 at the time she got pregnant and I was 18 about to graduate from highschool.

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