Story of my unusual beliefs

One of my unusual belief is proven wrong.
The command or order that I directed to a person in my head has no effect to him/her!

What I was thinking if I focus my attention on a person, he/she will either cough, or turn his/her head and look at me. If the voice in my head issue a command to order a person to do something, I thought it had magical power. Now I have tried again and it didn’t work. What a relief!

Do you have similar way of thinking?

Another unusual belief of mine is that, there is a preferred language of my brain. Although English is not my mother tongue, it is the language of my brain, maybe because I started using brain only after puberty, and that time I read a lot of English books on computing subject. Even though I use other two languages, the grammar structure are actually translated from English pattern.

And I still have a question to pose. Am I a being as a whole? Or since my mind takes charge of the body, my mind and the body are separate beings? I feel that the mind and the body are not joined together, and I am not sure if my clothes and computer belong to my body as a whole, or belong to me, the mind?

I used to. I used to believe that since I raised my sister from when she was an infant, she should be able to communicate with me without saying anything. I used to believe that there was a telepathic connection. There is not. There is no telepathy. I still have to use my voice.

It got bad when I would decide what my sis needed because I was sure that her brain was telling me something different then her voice. I actually told my parents many times…

“She used her words to put you off track. She mentally told me she wanted something else.”

I’ve had this happen and my therapist and I spent a long time working through it. Every little cough, look, motion is not a cue or because I’m mentally controlling them. It’s just another trick of my head circus and I have to let it go.

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Thank you very much for sharing your experience and information. I haven’t look into them seriously until today. Thanks once again.

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I have done that as well. I beleived I could hear my dogs’ thoughts. I still believe it.

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Your English is excellent

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@Plumber Your English is very good! You are very good, and English is not your native language.

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i used to have that belief but i don’t anymore. not that i could read other people’s minds but that they could read mine but it’s crap…i know that now. it took me a long time to get over that belief but i’m just about through it now i think…especially with strangers and family and friends. now i just have the soldiers and poxy mel gibson to deal with but that’s ok…i’m a tough cookie and i can deal with it :slight_smile:

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What you have done is called “reality testing”. It can be useful to a schizophrenic.