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first story’s too similar to a book, so I left it.

=====A Good Subway Car

Telling fake accounts, a beast showed scars to a man who laughed. Then it coughed and looked at his silver watch, and then at the train car’s time.

“You, beast, seem too sick for that job interview.”

“But I have no choice, eh man?”

They got off at Burke Avenue. Two running schoolboys tackled the coughing monster. The man threw curses, censored by the train’s screeching wheels.

“I should’ve stayed in the train” it coughed while Peter rose it and dusted it off.

“But you have no choice, eh?” reminded the silver watch guy while buying it a bottled water.

The beast silently eyed the water, slowly taking the bottle while coughing, then smiled: “Yes, officer Peter. I owe you one, if we ever meet again.”


I really like your style! You have a real talent there.

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Secure and gaurantee survival for all.

Get done with the responsibilities first.

And then everyone can have their dreams finally.

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The high school lockers clanked with cold metal. A boy gave a strongly concerned look to his friend.

“Don’t look at me. I don’t think of that person.”

“Good because I’m tired of fending you off.” he blushed and laughed.

But the locker slammed shut as his friend snatched a glare like a coyote.

“I only laugh because someone asked me for help against some stalker who is surprisingly you, a man on the male fencing team!” he held his giggles to formally pat his friend who then winced away and shouted:

“Having forced intimate thoughts about someone is the most horrific experience!” His eyes were wet as he sniffed his nose.

“You are on our team that’s here for you whenever you get those thoughts, Spencer. We can practice fencing, walk around the city, play video games, or anything you want. But don’t let those thoughts eat you because you are our best man. Honestly, here’s the secret: you are the only man on our team.”

And at that secret, Spencer smiled a little. Then he choked a laugh and wiped his eyelids.