Stories Being Told to Today's Grandkids, and Greatgrandkids

  1. I was a kid in grade school and sang the chorus line with my classmates in a Pink Floyd concert to the song “Another Brick in the Wall”.
  2. Me and your grandmother took some of the brown acid at Woodstock and fell in love in the medical tent.
  3. I saw 15 Grateful Dead Concerts.
  4. We saw Jim Morrison flash the crowd in one of the Doors’ last concert.
  5. I saw Jimmy Hendrix burn his guitar.
  6. I went to so many Metallica concerts in the 1980’s that I needed hearing aids at age 17.
  7. I cheered on our troops after the First Gulf War by waving the flag at the parade.
  8. This weed’s the best.
  9. I streaked across Yankees’ stadium in 1975.
  10. I was a Rolling Stones’ groupie.

Haha classic @Blizzard!!! Keep up the great work.

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