Storefront Hitchcock

Watching a film called Storefront Hitchcock on Netflix right now. Robyn Hitchcock.
Saw him in the late eighties with a full band and he was great.
But this is just him alone singing and playing his acoustic. He’s one a the few artists that can actually pull this off without it getting too one-dimensional.
Oops, a violinist just joined him. It just started.
Anyhoo, enjoying it so far.


Saw Bob Mould by himself doing his thang. Gawd. It was amazing. Billy Bragg was always good by himself as you can imagine but another that was a surprise was Beck. Saw him at this big festival with the Foo Fighters and The Beastie Boys headlining…Beck was on alternative stage to the main one so everyone was charged and he came out and did a basically solo show…I was so impressed…

Not many can pull off a solo performance in that kind of environment.


Saw Billy Bragg open up for Echo and the Bunnymen around 1984. Good times!


Omg @eighteyedspy23 we could go on for ages for sure. I’m pissed I missed so many good American bands who never came to Oz…but we had English bands you peeps didn’t…so much fun and much respect my friend.

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Wow, he just pulled out a Fender Tele. Still just him, the violinist was gone after a few songs. Rocking out!

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Echo and the Bunnymen are great. Heck I was born in 1984 lol. It’s a really popular year, lots of fictional stuff is set in that particular year.

Did I hear you say you were in the hospital? Something about going home soon? It sounds like you have ways to pass the time.

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I’m in a research unit. A six week study. Go home Wednesday.

One of my faves, just played on the show I’m watching.

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