Stopping/Starting Meds Stupid

Yesterday morning I tried taking the Latuda again, and everything went fine, until last night when I tried to go to sleep. I was extremely cold and getting severe chills and goosebumps over different parts of my body. I have a spaceheater but it did nothing. At one point I felt like I could sense that the room was hot because the air felt very thick, but I was really chilled.

And then the images/scenes started flooding my mind again. It’s like having a nightmare while still awake. I got a high pitched ringing in my ears and I saw and felt myself rip out my eyes, and I couldn’t cry anymore because I had no eyes. And then one of the entities started talking with me about whether or not a person can ever cry again if they have no eyes, like they were trying to persuade me to rip my eyes out for real.

I woke up this morning feeling like I am very hung over. Having some coffee and some cigarettes hoping I can snap out of it. Have a pdoc appointment in an hour where I have to confess that I messed with my med intake again. Hopefully she’s not too pissed if I explain that it’s because the akathisia scared me.

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Akathisia is scary, this is why I will refuse any AP that lists Akathisia as a primary side effect.

I would get informed as to which meds cause Akathisia as a common side effect.

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Stopping /starting meds is rough. I even made a thread about it when I stupidly did it.


Stopping procyclidine for 2 days messed me up big time.

The appointment went pretty well. She wasn’t pissed off at me, and she changed my prescription to risperidone.


Tablets or injection?

Tablets. She said the first week to take one at night, and then starting the second week to start taking two at night, and then she will see me at the end of the second week to talk about how it’s going. I like that she sees me for 45 minutes every 2 weeks, my last pdoc would only see me 15 minutes once per month and I think that made it harder for me to be compliant since I was trying to get used to meds and was freaking out constantly.

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Good luck with the risperidone. I hope it is better for you than latuda was.

Yeah, seems like a good pdoc. Good luck with the new med, if anything goes sour don’t just stop taking the med, wait for the appointment.

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I have higher hopes for this one. Apparently it can help some people with anxiety, and my pdoc strongly implied that she thinks anxiety is exacerbating my other symptoms. Like she said it’s common for people with a history if child abuse to have nightmares, and that it sounds like I am getting very bad anxiety (such as what causes nightmares) before I am even falling asleep and thus setting everything off. So if the risperidone has an anti-anxiety effect for me, then it could cause significant improvements across the board.

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Let’s hope so. Just don’t get discouraged by the side effects that may appear.

I’ve read that some common ones are weight gain and drowsiness. I am okay with those. “Downers” do not really bother me, but “uppers” (restlessness, anxiety, akathisia, anger) are a no-go for me. I feel like I did my half of the deal by giving an activating med a chance, and as I predicted it was bad news.


Alright, good luck :relaxed: