Stopping SSDI

Next week I am going to write a letter to Social Security asking them to stop my benefits. I will send in my first two paystubs and I guess the offer letter for my new job since I am starting a new job next week. Will be making much more than SGA.

When I went back to work I called the office to report going to work and they transferred me to the extension of the guy who is handling my case. I left a message and he never called me back. Go figure right.

May will be my last month to get SSDI but I have to keep Medicare to keep my insurance that I have for the military. You can keep Medicare for 8 and a half years after your SSDI gets suspended so I will have to keep paying the premiums. I understand they bill you every three months for it. If I default I lose my other insurance too. I guess after the 8 and a half years I will just go back to my regular insurance. I have to call them. I got all this information from their website.

I am not going to get health insurance with my new job because me and the wife already have medical, dental and vision coverage. And what we pay is much cheaper than another plan from work would be.

I am going to get the life insurance though. And they will match 5% of your salary in a 401k so I will contribute 10 % of my salary to that every year. Should be able to save up to $200,000 doing that if I work until I am 66. That’s $200,000 I wouldn’t have otherwise had.

But of course if I freak out and can’t work again I will look to get back on SSDI.

I have asked before and not many people have done this type of thing before. But if you have I would love to hear about your experience.


I have absolutely no experience with it but i pray that it works out for you. Good luck, man.


You can have your benefits suspended indefinitely. HOWEVER, you are still subject to medical reviews. If you’re working, and exceeding SGA, it’s a virtual guarantee that if that remains the situation when your review comes up, you will be permanently terminated from SSDI, including Medicare, without the 93 months or whatever of Medicare coverage being given. Well, not permanently, if your condition worsens, you can reapply, and if you reapply within I think it’s 36 months of benefits termination, you can apply for “expedited reinstatement.”


Congrats on getting a job. What will you be doing?


You have 5 years to be reinstated with no exam if you become disabled again.

I will go into the 36 months of extended eligibility where if I don’t make SGA which is like $1200 I will still get my benefit. But I will be making much more than that I won’t get any benefits. My reviews were scheduled for every seven years and I have only been on SSDI for four so I have never had one.

If they terminate my Medicare I will forward that information to my primary insurance company. They are the ones saying I can keep it for 8 and a half years.

From the web:

  • If you return to work, your disability benefits will be suspended if your income exceeds the threshold.

However, your Medicare entitlement may continue up to eight and a half (8 1/2) years following the suspension of disability benefits. You’ll get a bill from Medicare every three months. You must keep Medicare Part B to keep TRICARE.

Prayers good luck

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I got a job while I was on SSI. They wanted to keep paying me a check for awhile because there are expenses in going back to work.

I was too sick to work. But it was a lot of effort to get back on benefits after I had tried work. It left a bad taste in my mouth.

I didn’t get the impression the system was there to help me. Quite the opposite, actually.


If you can do it, great. I don’t know that I can just yet, but I don’t plan on sitting on butt forever. If I can practice a trade that will earn enough to keep me in the clear and pay for these expensive medications and rent, I will.

Good luck, I know ticket to work is out there, and that’s what I would recommend, but you know yourself whether or not your job would apply or whether you would earn too much or what’s right for you and your family in general.

Good luck!

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I still haven’t sent the letter to Social Security to stop my benefits yet. I am in my second week at my new job and it is really challenging. I have been thinking about quitting and giving up and just staying on benefits but I think I am going to send the letter tomorrow and I have 3 pay stubs now.

I have been working full time for a total of 6 weeks now. I thought getting up at 630 every morning was going to kill me but I have handled it.

This new job I have a year of being shadowed by an on the job instructor before they will let me go out on my own. I have been told it takes two years to learn this job. That’s a lot of work and I already have a lot of education and experience but this job is brand new and I am lost right now.

But after the first year of probation if I am successful I can go out on my own and get promoted two paygrades and can then telework from my house. I will only have to go to the office like once a week to check mail. I don’t know if I have the self discipline for that.

I work right by the Social Security Office so at lunch I am going to go try and drop off my letter. If no one will take it and they want me to wait in line I will just put in in the mail tomorrow

I have decided I am going to do this but if a job in my field of expertise which is aviation comes up I might jump ship.

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I am at the Social Security Office. They are making me wait in line but there are only like 4 people here. Too late to turn back now.

Usually this place is busy


Be positive you want to stop it. Its very hard to get back on I’ve heard.


I just turned in my letter and my paystubs. They wanted me to wait around and talk to somebody. I told them I didn’t have time for all that and just dropped it off. I left them my phone number.

I am sure I will just get a letter in the mail.

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There is a trial work period of like 9 months. From your pay stub SS will know that you are working and you can still get benefits and work for up to 9 months. If the job situation goes south before 9 months you can bail out and still have your SSDI.

I already used up my 9 months. I worked as an aircraft mechanic for 6 months in 2017 and a government contractor for 3 months in 2018. Now they will stop my benefits.

Technically I only worked 8 months but they counted nine. First they said ten. They can’t count.

Social Security is slow. I signed on the mysocialsecurity and it still says I am getting disability and my next payment is in June.

No letter yet. Maybe I should have waited and talked to someone last Friday.

I guess it’s only been a week. This is the government.

If you get another paycheck from Ssdi don’t spend it. If you’re supposed to be cut off then when they realize it they’ll ask for their money back.


Ya. I won’t spend it. Thanks.

I should get a letter soon I hope.


Check out this website they have a lot of info about what you’re asking about…Disability Secrets .com (created a new account just to help answer your post so can’t post links yet)

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Welcome to the forum.

I got my first paycheck with the new job and with all the deductions I am bringing home less money than my last job although the pay is more. I wasn’t getting any benefits with the last job. I don’t need medical or dental though.

My take home pay is only a couple hundred dollars more than what I make in SSDI. In the short term I would be better off staying on SSDI and taking a part time job at McDonalds or something. I would bring home more money.

But I am paying into another retirement system and a 401k. Plus next year if I do a good job I get a raise of two paygrades.

It’s all relative. Hopefully I don’t fall flat on my face.