Stopping Navane after 25 years

I was diagnosed with Paranoid Schizophrenic in 1988 after threatening suicide.

Been on 2mg Navane 1 x @ night.

Been working full time job since 1991 as Computer programmer.


No hospitalizations since 1988.

Found new doctor in 2013.

Said the initial diagnosis was incorrect.

Thinks its Delusional Disorder, not sure tho.

However, new MD will not stop the medication.

Been thinking to wean down over time on my own.

Question: is it possible to stop anti psychotic medicine, after decades of use, even with the low does?

Or is the body dependent on it?

Wow Navane, a blast from the past. This was one of the first antipsychotics i was on eons ago. It was a great med for me, in terms of getting rid of delusions and hallucinations. The problem was that it turned me into a stiff robotic zombie. I think I was on a higher dose than you, 4 mg seems familiar to me, it was a long time ago. I actually quit taking it cold turkey. I would not recommend anyone do this, especially not with antipsychotic medication.
My symptoms returned soon after. Why don’t you talk to your doctor about getting off of this med, if this is what you wish.
You should be working together with your doctor. Never attempt to adjust or quit your meds on your own.

I would say that after 25 years your body has become dependent on it, and stopping it abruptly could cause withdrawal psychosis. Maybe lower it to 1.5 mg for a few months, then if that seems to work, lower it to 1 mg for a few months, then if you seem okay after that lower it to .5 mg for a few months, then .5 mg every other day for a few months. I’m not a doctor, so don’t necessarily take my advice, but I do know that doctors can be uncooperative. I’m on Geodon which is a capsule, so I can’t cut it in half or anything. Once I work through some of my problems with a therapist, I’m planning on asking the doctor to lower my dose. Ask your doctor if he is willing to at least lower the dose, then you can see how well you do on that with the doctor’s supervision.

I never had any problem going off the old antipsychotics - stelazine, navane,etc. It’s the atypicals that have given me problems. However my experience is very limited. It’s always safe to taper.

I’ve gone off of Navane + switched to Clozaril. I had no problem. I would say - try it, unless your Dr knows something I don’t. Ask him.

Can’t you work with your doctor to take something else? Or work with your doctor to taper off Navane.
It’s always best to work with your doctor. I stopped Navane cold turkey without his consent. I was young and naive.
I didn’t experience messed up withdrawal symptoms from what I remember. Getting off of Atypicals are a different story.

Follow up post, I spoke with my psychologist on stepping down (psychiatrist would never go for it), and I started meds every other day for a few weeks, then every three days for a few weeks, then every 4 days, with evaluations every 2 weeks.

It wasn’t that great. Hard time adjusting. Some paranoia. Almost caused divorce.

Decided to get back to meds 1 x per day as prescribed.

My current doc says I have Delusional Disorder, not paranoid schizophrenia. Means I function at high level, with underlying paranoia.

Turns out Navane is becoming difficult to find, manufacturing slow downs.  Really don’t want to go on newer generation medication.

Been on Navane since 1989, just 2mg. It’s not even the required minimum dose to counter the effects. but apparently I need it.

I take 7 mg. a day and I hope it will remain available. My pharmacy hasn’t had any trouble getting it that I know of.

I switched from Navane to Clozaril when it first came out. I don’t remember any problems making the switch. Clozaril was better for me, although it had physical side effects + constant hunger.

I switched to zyprexa + liked it. My eating problem was a little better. I discovered that a small amount of risperdal or abilify stopped the constant need to eat.

I developed diabetes which now have under control by diet changes .I’m still on zyprexa 20 years later. My quality of life is improved greatly since the newer antipsychotics. Navane had psychological side effects I couldn’t tolerate.

Curious, what side effects did you experience from Navane?

I tried a newer generation drug in 2001, quit my job within a week, had to get back on Navane.

Stepped down off Navane in 2006, almost caused divorce, same thing happened these past few months. No plans of stepping down again.

Any idea what the typical medications are for Delusional Disorder?

Indescribable state of mind. Depression after taking it at night.

Why is it you want to quit Navane? Are they going to stop making it?

I was on 15 mg.

Congratulating new people is one thing I would have done in the forum had I know how to tell with the condition you have and understanding I see here it is not like mine, friend. The standard diagnostic model lists many forms of psychoses but a person may have… wouldn’t ya know it plural. I don’t own a DSM V but got a look. I have read some of the new material that came out since then. Schizophreniform Disorder involves faries or ghosts, Brief Psychotic Disorder symptoms are so short a day occurred for them is all . Then no symptoms for years. They may be considered milder too but i know how rare it must seem that I am relating here statistically with what is recovery. And for you one who holds a job that is considered stressful to me. I did data entry 12hr shifts (1yr while y2k was going on) while taking zyprexa. If novane has another prescription use you could look there for some more honest input.

I fount the old antipsychotics not difficult to leave off - I used to just stop taking mine. Navane I quit after taking it for 10 years.

However some of the atypicals I have had extreme difficulty with stopping by tapering.