Stopping medicine

This topic mustve been posted before but it closed down. So I was wondering what happens when you stop your meds? How long do you relapse? My pdoc wants to stop my sustenna after pandemic is over I’m afraid and excited at both times.

Its different for everyone. I got hospitalized after 2yrs of stopping meds.

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Welcome to the forum. I ended up in the hospital when I stopped.:dolphin::dolphin::dolphin:

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2 years is pretty long for a relapse. Have u tried hearing voices while on meds?

Welcome to the forum! It varies for everyone. Just make sure to follow your drs advice on what to do or not to do

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Thanks. I’m afraid I might do embarrassing things when I stop. Have u tried doing embarrassing things?

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I don’t have voices or positive symptoms on meds.

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Thanks. OK will do. I’ll just Trust her advice

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Oh ok that’s good to hear. What meds are u on?

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I am on 6mg Risperdal.

Have u tried Invega?

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No but its very similar to Risperdal I read. I tried Zyprexa but it didn’t work.

I didn’t like abilify before. Invega seem nicer than it.

Abilify worked at 20mg for me but I had side effects, shopping addiction, was spending too much money. It can also cause or worsen gambling addiction. These side effects can happen but are rare.

Welcome to the forums!

I was on 40mg of olanzapine and the metabolic side effects were literally slowly killing me, my doctor thought it would be a good idea to try a different medication with less side effects. We switched to Abilify and within a week I became psychotic and started having visual hallucinations.

I’ve read a lot of stories on this website. Different people relapse at different time periods, some very quickly, some a year or two later.

I came off of antipsychotics and relapsed after five months. That episode cost me my family and partner.

Still would try one more time though.

What sort of visual hallucinations were u having?

At the time when I was on Abilify (Around 2012 I think it was) I was having visual hallucinations. My visual hallucinations were always ghost like heads floating around, they were translucent and looked like they were made out of pure energy. I also saw them shoot out of peoples faces. The weird thing is I didn’t see them with my eyes, I saw them with my mind, but they were not inside my head, they were floating around in front of me, hard to explain.

But when I first became psychotic back in 2004 I was having auditory, visual and tactile hallucinations.

I saw shadows in black and white. I also saw people on the streets whose faces would change. I thought they were aliens and I was in a matrix.

I kinda get what you mean. They’re in the mind but they’re also all over. There are days I Think it’s aliens and I’m not insane. I’m asking people about their hallucinations becus they’re more or less the same

I could always tell the difference between my hallucinations from reality. I never saw things with my eyes that other people said were not there. Like I said mine always looked like translucent energy visuals, and I always saw them with my mind.

I never really developed any strange beliefs about my hallucinations (like they were angels, devils or the matrix or anything like that), I was more curious about them, like trying to figure out how this could be explained from a scientific point of view, but I could never come up with an explanation. They were just strange experiences I had.