Stopping invega log

Ok I know this is a bad idea and I don’t want to encourage anyone to do it. I’m posting here cause I want to be honest and track my withdrawal. I’ve decided to stop taking 6 mg of invega to see what happens.

I only plan to stop for a couple days cause I really don’t want to mess anything up, but I’m curious.

So I was supposed to take it last night, so here’s day 1:

I’m more anxious, feeling irritable, slight headache, and mild but persistent nausea. No auditory hallucinations so far.

I’m taking it in the morning. I didn’t take it for 3 days recently and i was feeling weird, lots of paranoid thinking and yes i felt weird


I know they say take it in the morning and for over 2 years I took it in the morning, but recently I switched to night in the hopes I might get more energy during the day. i didn’t notice any difference

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IDK why but i feel like a turbo engine for cars, i have unlimited energy. Maybe because i drink too much coffee during day. And btw invega hels me feel like normal, no anxiety, no voices and no paranoid thoughts. This med works good for me in comparison to Abilify which is placebo IMO


Why did you decide to stop? Did you ask your doctor before doing this?

I’m not stopping for good. I want to see the wd symptoms and also see if the voices will come back. I’m thinking 3 days max.

If what I’ve read is correct, the withdrawal from this drug is tremendously bad

You shouldn’t just stop it man withdrawals are terrible I know your curious but trust me I don’t think it’s going to be a good time for you. Like what are you hoping to accomplish? your only gonna make yourself sick my dude.

Woah … mrs moonwalker has just been raining down the negative emotions on me for the last hour. I’ve been staying calm but I think she’s trying to drive me crazy. Keep it together…

So far today, my cat dragged a line of poo in front of my computer mouse where I put my arm. So I actually got ■■■■ on my arm before I smelled it and realized what happened.

The chicken I made for the chicken tika masala turned out so rubbery I could only eat the rice.

I wanted to watch Swiss army man on Amazon , but I decided to sign up for the free Amazon prime option it said was available, but when I did it said Swiss army man was not available in my region to watch.

And then an hour and a half of my wife blaming me that she’s not creative anymore.

What am I doing wrong?

Day 2: Ok woke up at 8 with some good energy feeling good. Had a couple cups of coffee but started to get hungry and not feel well. Now it’s 10:30 and after eating I feel tension in the back of my neck, a good bit of anxiety, maybe slight nausea, overall uncomfortable. Very faint auditory hallucinations in the background that sound like a constant high pitched ring with people talking

One voice is telling me that I suck but I’m trying to play nice. And tell them to be nice too

It’s only day 2 but this experiment will be a good reminder that I don’t want to stop taking my meds again. I was really feeling quite good emotionally and now I’m feeling messed up. I went out to run an errand and the fresh air made me feel a little better now but my head feels like it swimming in soup

Abilify is not placebo. It worked and still works for me. But people are different. If Invega takes care of all your symptoms, that’s great ! Abilify takes care of mine :wink:

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Just had dinner. Feel good, no withdrawal symptoms, no voices. Maybe extra energy from the food

Ahhh! U HAVE to watch Swiss army man even if amazon prime in ur region doesn’t have it. And let me reccommend FlimFish for other titles you like.

I literally stopped my last invega shot last month. I work out for 2-3 hours a day tho so I’m wondering when the withdrawals will come… so far just a little irritability and one day of nausea.

Don’t go on the shots tho, they’re different and more debilitating when it comes to your brain function. I’m starting latuda soon I just want to enjoy the days of having emotions again before I start another one.

Good luck with the withdrawals, and you’re gunna love how weird and different Swiss Army Man is- the ending kinda pissed me
Off but I won’t give any spoilers.

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So I said yesterday that my wife was laying into me. So today I said we can watch anything she wants netflix, amazon, pay, no pay. And she starts complaining again, and I said I just want you to be happy pick anything you want. So she looks at zero dark thirty and then she keeps looking… and she asked me what I want to watch. So I say well first of all it has to be something that you like. And she says something like you don’t want to watch what I like. And she said it in such a way that it triggered memories of yesterday. So I got up and said I’m not going to let you berate me again, I’m not watching anything. I felt quite emotional and went to my office. I still feel paralyzed

Ok worked things out and made up. We both wanted the other person to watch a movie they liked… sounds like an old story

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I hope you’ll be careful with your attitude towards Mrs M, I personally find it hard to maintain a healthy relationships without these tranquilizers. It’s in the small things that are usually gone unnoticed by our cognition.


I tried cold turkey withdrawal from 9 mg of Invega, since I thought the voices would stay quiet, but alas, they didn’t. By day 4 I was a catatonic zombie half the time trying to tend to the voices. Not an ideal state of being.

There’s still hope though, my CT scan results could show a clot or aneurysm causing my head pain and SZ symptoms. Would suck if the scan came out normal, then I’d have no more recourse.

I went cold turkey from my 12mg of invega once. Never again. I couldn’t move I had such bad dizziness. Now if I’m a couple of hours late taking my dose I get mad dizzy spells for half a day.

Most likely stopping a couple of days you won’t get any bad effects, in fact you may actually feel better. This happens to many which then gives false confidence that they can be fine off meds only to lead to an inevitable crash. You’re headed down a dangerous road right now, worried for you :disappointed: Please do this with help of a doctor.