Stopped smoking real cigs

Now I look like a douche hipster with a vuse e cig …it saves me 5 dollars every 2 days…I like it though…I’ve had 2 cigs in 4 days I think…


I haven’t smoked in over a month!


I’m on day six and I am so happy about it !! good for you for cutting down on your cig intake.


that’s good. I am trying to quit the vape…I can go without, but I use the lozenges when I dont use the vape.

But really it is the real cigs which are the major problem. Good work, and don’t stop. What is the vuse like? Is it a pen or one of the fake cigarette kinds? My fake cigarette brand went to ■■■■, I had to get a pen. I sort of prefer the fake cigs though.

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Vuse cost 10 for the pen 1pack of smoke and a charger…then 2pack of the nicotine cost 5 dollars…It saves me money and I can vuse anywhere…so I just walk around with it between my teeth helps with the oral fixation part…

oh wait a vuse…I bought one at a gas station before. It was alright. I think you should invest in a pen, like one I have- it’s just the fluid that costs the money after that, and the fluid is more economical than disposable ecigs.

It’s something I wouldn’t quit if it werent for moving on to a field where you just cannot smoke or vape. Lozenges get a pass though. They’re hidden. In my mouth. But the pill-bottle bulge in my back pocket screams “DRUGS!!!”

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I plan to quit vaping next month…that’s the plan anyway

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