Stopped holding it in

I have to say that for a while i’ve been doing well by not discussing my issues.

i used to discuss my issues all the time but it made me very tired so i stopped knowing that i was not satisified with the amount of time that was being consumed from me talking.

so i tried putting aside my issues and so now i havent experienced large amounts of harsh rejection from anyone due to forgetting about traumatic instances or feelings of sadness. working out and cleaning my room has helped. i also got a new job that going well so things are looking up

i have talked to myself about a few things though. thinking about why certain things made me upset and how i felt compared to how i feel now. sometimes i let myself shed some tears and i wake up feeling great.

i do think i should discuss my issues but i think im gonna use this technique for now. but i will try to seek time so i can practice talking about my issues with a counselor or something.

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