Stop thinking about the sulfur

I watched the “vice” video on the ufos in colorado, the woman being interviewed said something odd also, she had read a story out of europe somwhere saying that there were many sightings coming from around the hot springs, from around the geothermal water areas.

I looked it up and there is alot of sulfur surrounding these things apparently.

After an alien showed up the first few minutes of my first psychosis and i went mad i smelled sulfur, a very thick burning, not just your average stove top burning but really really thick and powerful burning.

come to find out that others who have encounters also smell sulfur, and then there was a shaman talking about his initiation on youtube and he smelled sulfur as well.

so, whats the deal with the sulfur anywho?

Here ill ask them for us, “whats up with you and the sulfur?” i ask, “we don’t need it or anything, it is only burning, it carries different connotations with it thats all, it’s not like we use it or eat it or antyhing, get it, fire, fiery things, understand?”

“And yes we remember causing you to smell that burning, how did it make you feel when you smelled it, we were hounding you, you were overwhelmed, afraid, and then you smelled the deep burning right, see, fiery things, burning, sulfur.” They say.

“And yes, it carries connotations for people, like gomorrah, which did actually happen by the way, he used sulfur to destroy that place, believe it or not the people living there actually wanted it destroyed, they did almost nothing but hurt eachother, it was a very suicidal place actually. Oh yes, back to the point, the sulfur, yeah thats what he used, and see, it carries connotations and meanings with it, parables, metaphors. That is why we are connected to sulfur.” They say.

This is wierd, i just want to be happy again, i don’t need this ■■■■, it’s ■■■■■■■ crazy and uncomfortable.

I’ve smelled sulfur when no one else did. I always thought it was the smell of Hell, though. I’ve never heard anything before about sulfur and aliens.

yes, i’ve had such thoughts as well, it wasn’t me thinking them though was it, (shudders for the millionth time).

The smell of hell, i could not have put it better myself. Thats why they use the sulfur and are connected tot he sulfur.

“Aliens” are not aliens though, it’s just a costume, “tricksters” they used to call them in tribes of old. they perform illusions, like nde’s, obe’s, abductions, “aliens” and ufos, dead people being alive.

When i saw an alien the first few minutes of psychosis i also started looking at the clock at three over and over again, this progressed and became other times also 3, 333, 222, 111, 444, 555, 616, 911, 1111.

Like on the movie the “fourth kind”, they always showed up at 333, and in emily rose it was 3 when they came. What up wit hollywood anyway, are people aware of this? Because it could turn out to be anyone of us, and we are buying these movies for fuq’s sake!

“Yes mike, they know full well, how else could they make those movies, and you know that we know don’t you, after your experience you know dam well that we know, and we know that you know that we know and that you know that we know that you know that we know…” They say.

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