Stop stigmatizing me

The stigma needs to stop.

I’ve noticed they use that one quite a bit on people, “the world is going to end soon, you have to do this and that.” I suppose if you had never heard of it the fact that voices were speaking to you would be a little over whelming and you wouldn’t know what to think at all, you wouldn’t know who or why, they would be very convincing to say the least.

One girl had whoever show up telling her that new york was to be destroyed so she had to strengthen herself to prepare for it, their fantastic idea though was that she began burning herself to do it. But she had never even heard of such a thing and had no idea what to think at all, they can be very convincing esp. when you haven’t even heard of any of it. They can also scare the ■■■■ out of a person.

People should know this now, if whomever shows up and begins to speak to you just take it logically, ask them more questions and just because they are a voice it doesn’t mean they are out to help you or know what they are talking about.

This will probably happen very often on earth as it always has and people should be prepared for whomever to show up and begin speaking to them. It can happen to anyone and the more i see it the more it becomes apparent that no one is prepared at all.

It was even on a cartoon i saw, whomever showed up and tried to get this guy to kill linda hamilton, it tried to convince him that it was from the future and to save earth he had to do it, it was the absolute creepiest ■■■■ ever! That is exactly what happens to people sometimes, the very ■■■■ that was portrayed on that cartoon, they trick and upset people into doing some foul things sometimes.

It’s the same thing that happened to the guy on the canadian bus system that one time, they tricked him very badly and he had no idea what was going on at all and they got him to hurt someone.

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Please - no videos of violence here.

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Reminds me of my mother asking us kids, do you do everything someone tells you to do, no because you don’t listen to the teachers who tell you to stop talking, the neighbors when they ask you to stay off the lawn.

It’s selective listening at best. People know right from wrong, it’s just a matter of doing right vs wrong. No excuses for bad behavior.

What kind of a person does that to a baby? Dangerously crazy. Definitely someone who should never be allowed to have kids again.

Nah, this was one of those mind ■■■■ kind of things where it doesn’t matter how good you are.

Not that she was a good person or anything, but this one can be chalked up to them and them alone.

It just wasn’t her fault, it was theirs, they over whelmed her and tricked her, simple as that, other wise she would never have done it.

It just isn’t a question of whether she was good or bad, they came to her and lied to her and scared the living ■■■■ out of her, they took her over.

Not that any of us are good people though, it’s obvious the reality is quite the contrary.

Just like the guy on the canadian bus system, that just wasn’t him, they tricked him and took him over, the guy thought he was killing an alien for god’s sake, he didn’t know what hit him. And just like that damn cult out there in the russian wilderness that is happening as we speak, these people actually think that guy is some higher form of being, we all know you don’t just wander up to people and say “im jesus, follow me out in the wilderness.” and the people just do it, he tricked them, one guy was even saying how they all see some strange things flying around out there sometimes.

They can even get people to burn themselves for ■■■■■ sake, it’s called a mind ■■■■ and it can happen to anyone in my opinion.

Don’t believe it.
You can’t lead those who don’t need something from you.
Cults groom their followers with strict guidelines on who to pick.
Easy pickings aren’t hard to find.