Stop complainin... cure for lazyniess

do you guys want to honestly know what the cure to the laziness that comes about with the meds the illness whatever. you have to work out and exercise everyday until you are COMPLETELY wore out. and do it everyday… its not a secret its not the sz I found I got lazy before I even caught that it was from smoking drugs and not doing activities/exercises anymore. for like the last like 3 months ive been working out everyday and I feel like I can do an honest 8 hours day work no problem… infact that’s where my motivation to start work and everything again got me exercising for the last 3 months. like I said no secret people to don’t work out enough smart people do.

I know the message is solid…but med induced zombie state sometimes is a little more serious than just being lazy…a lot of us also have fears serious enough to limit our outside activities…when I was on some meds I couldn’t get off the couch let alone go exercise until I’m exhausted…I lacked the ability to using any of my coping mechs because I couldn’t move…trapped with symptoms and unable to flee…just saying its part of the stigma to label med induced zombieism laziness…


I exercise and I still get avolition. Completing tasks more so then starting them. I got 3 drawings sitting in my notebook unfinished. I look at them and can’t force my body to do anything about it even though it would be easy. Glad somethings working for you.


It’s not laziness, it’s avolition and it’s a serious symptom.


Hey, @MoeFaux, consider posting some of your drawings on the forum. Would love to see them.

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Lol no thanks. Given the supportive nature of the forums I would be skeptical as to whether people actually liked them. I draw because I don’t think about anything but what’s in front of me while I do it. It’s very Zen. I don’t need encouragement or criticism. It is just for me.


I can go to the gym. Ill get an energy boost for about 2 hours then I’m straight back to zombre mode when I have avolition

I don’t agree with you or how you write .

My eons are in other bodies and more and have been workaholic going through amazing things.

I am not lazy .
My body may seem it though n look it but that’s for reasons.

I’m incredibly proud of who n all I am.

I am also understanding to myself and how much I give and how hard I work even though it doesn’t look or seem that way always.n others want put there names on it etc

As for my body …
I was exercising but was spiritually attacked and get programmed not to n if I’m in there bodies n they in mine…

I think this you write sounds stuck up ,judgemental,arrogant and ignorant or just being nasty and doing psychology attacks.

Not very supportive,encouraging,kind,understanding etc
Nor down to earth etc
Looking it n truly being it is different .
Director can make something seem n look way it may not be.n people lie…

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