Stop calling me an oddball, doctor

“People like you…”, “Oh, it would never do for me to be like that…”

Is your doctor offending you with the language he is using chordy?

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This one’s all in the past. But, yes, my present pdoc also tends to be offensive for his lack of anything better to say.

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My current “pdoc” is actually a “pnurse” but that’s fine, but she doesn’t say much. It’s all done with her on a computer monitor. She ask how I’m doing and I talk a bit. Then my meds nurse who’s also in the room butts in and gives me all kinds of advice and me and the “pnurse” listen. Sometimes I wish I would hear more from the “pnurse” but I guess like yours she doesn’t have much to say.

I’m not that bad atm so i just say what I’ve been doing to stay well, i like to give a good report to pdoc etc, the problem would be if i was not medicated as i found out last year :frowning: I’m due a call, mostly i am fine, so my next call is in October i think.

You are not odd you’re eccentric and/or smarter than other people.

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I wish I were less eccentric. I feel like I stick out like a sore thumb.

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