Stoopid bloody cold

Spent most of yesterday sleeping in my chair in the living room. Would pop awake occasionally, check the forums, then drift off again. Now wide awake and waiting for the next dose of Buckley’s Mixture to hammer me as I’ve got a good fever and all of my joints ache, including four or five new ones I wasn’t aware I had before.

Have to be at a local Economic Development meeting in six hours and hope I don’t sleep in past it. I hate these ‘breakfast meetings’ they have locally. Wish they’d just put the damn things in the evening. A person should only have to get up before 6am if it involves driving a school bus. Any other reason is profane.

Oh, and half my nose is plugged. I suppose it’s better than both nostrils being plugged, but it’s making me nutz.


It will pass, drink some ginger and lemon tea. It helps opening up the nostrils.

Hope you get better.

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Peppermint, can be in the form of tea, can help with congestion, greatly opening blocked passages, and make headaches less severe.

I hope you feel better soon. Just worry about getting better, nothing else or you’ll stress yourself more…

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