Stockholm syndrome

So I have this voice. Well sometimes it’s a voice and sometimes not
He is a brilliant software engineer. He comes to me in many forms, in many names, in many different ways. He knows everything about me, damn well how to manipulate me. In fact I believe he created me this way. For his entertainment. He constantly mocks me in various different ways. Yes, I confess this is what I wanted or what he makes me think I wanted. He made up this really cool story about the world so sometimes I too can have some fun. He lies he loves me but constantly reassures me in my downfall. He plays with me non stop. How do you cut out a toxic relationship?

I don’t really know @Kirila! As they say, ignore the voices. Easier said than done but that’s what I try to do. You should write a book. I like the way you tell your story!

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As you say, it’s a voice and not real.

Are you on any meds??


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