Stir Crazy

I’m going so stir crazy. I’m considered a high risk for the virus so not getting out. I’m a college student and my classes got moved to online. I hate online learning and it’s an adjustment. As well as having therapy through Telehealth I’ve learned that my psych appointment this coming Tuesday will be over Telehealth as well. This whole Telehealth crap is so much because I literally have no privacy where I live. Getting out to go to school is literally my escape despite the stress it causes. I am anything, but okay and I hate it so much!! I’m trying to stay productive and get homework done, but it’s literally taking everything in me to get up in the morning. I’m getting easily frustrated and I hate it so much. I’m a mess and I just agh!! I want to scream and run away and just not be here!!


I’m sorry that you are feeling this way. Imposed isolation isn’t healthy for the mentally ill, but sometimes, the alternative is worse. Are there things you can do where you live that will keep you entertained? Drawing/painting, word or number puzzles, journaling, anything…

Does anyone else have any suggestions?

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I’m a college student and my classes got moved to online so I do still have assignments to complete. I’m procrastinating more than usual with these. I really just want to sleep the days away. I’ve been coloring and watching movies when I am not working on things for school.

I have the same problem without the virus. I go crazy because I don’t have enough to do. I’m not a student and I don’t have a job. My thoughts are with you. If you have a car you can just drive around and not go anywhere.

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I don’t have a car and I don’t drive plus my county got put on lockdown at 11pm Thursday. Thank you for the suggestion and I am sorry you deal with this as well.

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Well we can have a conversation and talk this out to give you something to do and to help you feel better.

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Thanks…I’d really appreciate that.

So what are you studying in school?

I’m studying psychology. Doing my basic AA right now, but will take 4 psych classes as electives during my AA.

That’s cool, are you really pissed off right now…because I get really angry when I don’t have enough to do.

I am upset, but not because I don’t have enough to do. I have plenty to do just no motivation to do it.

That makes sense, oh ok

Yeah…it’s been really hard to get out of my head lately. Half the time I’m not sure if anything is really me or who I am. If things are real or not and if I am even real.

oh, that’s tough I feel for you man

Yeah…thanks it’ll be okay…hopefully.

This sounds kind of stupid, but maybe you can listen to some harp music on line if you feel like it. It calms me down and gives me peace.

I’m listening to some calming music right now actually. Also, it’s not stupid if it helps you and it’s safe then do it. Do what works for you.

oh, thanks ……nothingnothing

What do you mean?

I’m trying to say thanks and I wrote nothingnothing because this site won’t let you say less than a certain amount of words.