Stimulating mustard?

I was running low on mustard so I decided to buy some more through online grocery shopping.

I decided to purchase some organic horseradish mustard because the grocery store doesn’t carry spicy brown mustard, what we usually use.

When it arrived I made a turkey and Swiss sandwich and decided to use the new mustard.

After about an hour I felt over stimulated as if I consumed 4 cups of coffee at once!

I suspected that it could have been the horseradish mustard because it was new.

I looked at the ingredients and it said that it contained organic horseradish roots.

Looked it up and horseradish roots have medicinal properties.

Also read that horseradish is actually a stimulant!

I’ve had horseradish before and never became over stimulated.

Guess it was the horseradish roots that were the culprit.

Hey you live and learn!

Not using that mustard again.


That’s crazy!


Mustard to blame again, I guess…



I’ll take it. I could use a stimulant in the late afternoon - that isn’t coffee.

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I once became psychotic right about the time I ate nothing but goats milk and whole wheat cereal.

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The joints on both hands became red as well!
Very strange!

I am sensitive to many different kinds of foods and medicines.

mmmm…horseradish…I eat it in a cream sauce on prime rib but not much else use for it except in cocktail sauce for boiled shrimp too I guess.

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Had to click on this. Headline made me think this was going in a totally different direction. @Wave, you da bomb diggity.

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