Stimulants vs Anxiety and Anger

Anyone on stimulants (Buproprion, Ginseng, Adderal, L dopa…) who is managing to control or deal with their anxiety and anger? What resource is being used for this? Are they causing these symptoms? How has your experience been with them?

Awful were my side effects. I was on Adderall I was in full blown psychosis after they put me on those.

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I became psychotic after taking Dexedrine Spansules. Then my medication was changed from Dexedrine Spansules alone to a combination of Concerta and Abilify. Since then I’ve remained symptom-free on this combination.


My Dr told me he would prescribe me Ritalin or Adderall if it wasn’t risky. He said I will likely end up psychotic and be hospitalized. Ldopa from Mucuna Pruriens is a much weaker stimulant than Adderall and Ritalin but it still made my positives and irritability worse although it improved my negative and cognitive symptoms.


Buproprion/Wellbutrin made me a bit more paranoid than normal and had insomnia.

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This seems like the best combination for negative and cognitive symptoms.

What are your Concerta and Abilify doses? @InnerCircle

Concerta 108 mg/day, Abilify 15 mg/day

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I was on 20mg Abilify for 8yrs, it was great for negative and cognitive symptoms. I can’t take it anymore sadly due to side effects.