Stimulant Addiction

Anyone here a recovering addict of stimulants?

I’d love to hear some words of wisdom right about now. :slightly_smiling_face:

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what kind of stimulants are you talking about

I have too much paranoia in me to divulge more, I’m sorry. But, I’d love to hear any kind of help for any kind of stimulants.

There is groups like Narcotics Anonymous, Alcohol Anonymous etc I am sure there is one for stimulants. I was with drug addicts in mental hospital and they give them meds to break their addiction. Sometimes they give them a similar drug and taper down the dose to break their addiction. Or meds that block the effect of the street drug in the brain, etc There is help if you sincerely want to quit.


Here Cocaine Anonymous:


Thanks for the link. I am active in AA, have a sponsor and even going on an AA work retreat soon.

I’ve also been trying to get into NA, but it’s not as big where I live. I don’t yet have a sponsor in NA and have only been to a handful of meetings.

Thank you for that link. I appreciate it. :heart:


Still dabling trying to quit… Don’t want to but have to…

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Bruh, I think I’m addicted to caffeine now; I keep having withdrawal symptoms when I try to quit, and I constantly want caffeine when I don’t have any for that day. Still, I’m under 400mg everyday.

I’m definitely talking about something stronger than caffeine, but I do keep drinking/taking more and more of that because it’s legal.

I need help with:
•lack of energy
•accepting that I’m not super-human
•abiding by the constraints of natural awake time in each day

I’m past the immediate withdrawal stage (well, I’m not completely clean yet, but am on about 1/10th what I was flying high on before and was hospitalized for that coming down experience for a month).

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