Still writing prose, today's by Daze

In love

The man in the black silk shirt has freckles all over his chest of where the night he made it happen left

its mark or the sun or the hairs and the woman he loves likes to make a snowman a smiley face a dotted

woman’s dress with paints and markers all over him the silk shirt is the better part of her hands and face

against his chest in a dark room where they confess when they go out she wears red and he calls her

Venus though its distance is in her eyes with a bad camera shot though her lips speak into his ear his

heart his palms though the stuck on you is close as a strobe light dancing and holding on his chest is

every night he tried now pooled together as one


This reads like poetry to me.

That’s a powerful turn of phrase there. You’re so talented.

This has some powerful imagery. I like it.

thanks you guys.

You’re a talented writer Daze! :relaxed:

you guys are too kind to me.


just like to share.


This is your most prolific piece yet IMO. Very good.

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This is wonderful :slight_smile:

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