Still worried I have mad cow disease / CJD

It’s been over two weeks and I still have this tingling feeling on my head. My legs also feel funny.

The reason I feel like it is CJD is that I asked for it on accident. I was in class and I started praying, “don’t give me mad cow disease. Don’t give me mad cow disease.” But one part of my brain accidentally said “give it to me!” So I think God gave it to me because of this accidental prayer.

The voice in my head keeps laughing and saying, “this time it’s permanent.” This is because something similar happened to me years ago but it went away on its own. The voice in my head keeps laughing, saying, “it will get worse and worse and worse until you die.” I’m really upset about this. I was unhappy with Schizophrenia, but things were better than this. I should have been happy with Schizophrenia on its own!

No one believes me when I talk about this. But there is nothing they can do even if they believed.

The chances of you having CJD are highly remote or even zero. I mean as far as I’m aware only around 100 people have gotten the disease over the last circa 30 years since it was discovered.

And the majority of cases were appearing in the 1990’s as far as I’m aware noone at all gets the illness nowadays. It’s history so you have nothing to worry about.

If you don’t believe what I say, you could ask a doctor about it, they may even be able to do a test for it, to put your mind at ease.

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@SnowTiger. According to the CDC, there have only been 4 cases of vCJD in the US and it seems that all 4 of these people likely got vCJD outside the US.


You’re in the US I assumed you were British.

Really, you don’t have CJD.

I’m very worried it was an act of God because I accidentally prayed for it. I also had some blasphemous thoughts about God and Jesus at the time this happened.

Please try not to worry. I am 100% certain that you do not have vCJD.

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Ok I hope you guys are right. Maybe it could be something else.

You could always consult a neurologist if you’re concerned.

Stress and anxiety could also potentially cause these symptoms.

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Not sure what god you are referring too , but it would take a pretty small god to answer a misguided prayer like that… I think God is so much greater than that. I don’t think you have it.

Yeah I don’t think that sounds like God either, but that’s when I started feeling bad. So I’m paranoid about everything that was going on around the time I started feeling bad.


Yes sounds like you are being paranoid how’s your meds working?

I still hear voices all day long. I’ve tried going off them though (because they don’t work that much) and the results were really bad. I’ve heard that coming off of Clozapine is really hard. I’m taking 600 mg Clozapine and 4 mg Haloperidol every night. I still hear a horrible voice all the time that laughs at me. He says “good lord have mercy! It’s so funny!”

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Sometimes we just have to check things out ,if we can’t shake the delusion. Maybe do some research , think it’s very uncommon. Not sure how you would get it. But I’d serriously rule out the God theory.

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I take 4 mg haldol also, it’s a pretty low dosage. Just be open with the doctor , maybe he can help. How long have you been sz. I Know I can’t go without AP’s

I actually remember starting to hear voices when I was in kindergarten. So it’s been a long time (I’m 34). Things didn’t start getting bad though until 10 years ago.

How long you been on meds

I think it’s been over 5 years. I don’t remember too well. For a long time I was not med compliant. I didn’t like the side effects of meds (mostly the drowsiness) so I wouldn’t take the pills.

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I am positive that you don’t have Mad Cow.
See a doctor to put your mind at ease.


I did the same thing with my pills for the same reason. I finally complied and slowly got over the fatigue. Have zero now.

I still get drowsy. I usually wake up at 1pm if I don’t have anything I need to get up for.