Still upset

That kid who lashed out against me was so ignorant last night. “WHY ARE you so bipolar!!!” As if bi polar is a choice. Then he says “Im better then you because I only needed meds for a short period of time…only losers need meds long term”…then he made fun of me for being schizophrenic. Like it was a choice. This kids a big time drug addict…he smokes weed and drinks every day of his life practically (at least the weed). And does nbome every weekend (synthetic lsd very dangerous)…I don’t bother him about it but he called me insane said I snapped and I’m losing it for telling him to “shut up” after he provoked me. And anyone who needs disability (even if they HAVE a disability [isnt that the point] is a failure and a “waste of space”). I can’t believe people are this ignorant, it’s up there with animal cruelty. Narcissism, elitism, insecurity, ignorance, can’t believe I had to deal with a person like this. Then he called me a bitch for no reason…had bad dreams last night. Worst experience of my life? Even the ppl in college who gave me a hard time became empathetic when they found out I had sz…this guy has no regard for human life…and I experienced it first hand. Sheesh.


Some folk are just scum who get kicks out of upsetting people. We, the forum users, value your input and know you are a nice guy. Maybe the punk was secretly jealous of your good nature so verbally lashed out.

I don’t know.

All I know is you don’t deserve this sadness.

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Thanks jimbob you are a good guy too

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He tried to tell me how easy I had it in life and how hard he’s had it, yet he works as a truck driver or something…so he’s some great success…like he’s persevered and I’ve failed when I’m happy despite struggling with mi my whole life.

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Do you have to associate with that kid? Can you just walk away from him?

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The ■■■■■■■ landlord of the pub opposite me is always going on about how ‘it’s alright for you’ and similar BS. He has ■■■■■■■ no idea. What is most disappointing about your story is the fact your assailant had some experience of ill health but was still a bully.

Personally I get really upset when people who work ‘and pay tax’ feel they are entitled to judge every aspect of your life cos you are on welfare.

They will be the first with their backs to the wall when the revolution comes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yeah I blocked him forever

He’s on the Internet

Still I’m getting the after affects

I will get over it soon

Hang in there @turningthepage - I know how you feel.

Im still shaken up because my abusive and angry brother kicked me off of his property.

I still cannot beieve it - My therapist said that my brother might be going through some problems of his own and I should ignore him for a while - good advice.

I get a sense that some people get a kick at lashing out at the severely mentally ill - it is their problem, not ours.