Still trying to read again....not much progress

Picked up my dusty copy of “the foundation trilogy” and getting back into it…what are you reading at the moment?


I’m reading nothing. It comes in waves for me. Sometimes I’m reading one book after another and sometimes I go months without reading a book. This evening I’m receiving my textbooks. So I’ll be reading them soon.


I’m reading metamorphosis by Kafka. It’s about a man that wakes up one day as a cockroach.


I’m in the process of reading a book about a woman who has a girlfriend die who was more than a friend. I’ve taken a few weeks on it because I don’t believe in reading more than one book at a time. That said, I’m also reading a book on writing. It comes and goes, like someone said I’ll read a while and stop for months, the ability doesn’t go away.

I just finished Existentialism for Beginners, but I’m reading a few things.

I want to read this, but I’m so scared of roaches, that if someone sends me a picture of one, my heart drops and I throw my phone. At least the last time someone did, lol.

When I find motivation I read a book called Torpedo Junction. It’s about the German submarines taking out boats on the Atlantic coast during WW2.

Games People Play by Eric Berne. It is not an easy read for me.

I’m reading Programming in Lua. I want to integrate Lua into my other projects.

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I’m alternating between two books - one nonfiction awesome book about agoraphobia and complex PTSD called You’re Going to Be Okay, and a great young adult fiction story called Under Rose Tainted Skies. I’ll be sorry when both end, i love them both.


Im reading a couple books about self defense, and working out . Lost 3 lbs past couple days

I am reading Ivanhoe and finished 1984. There are times when I read everyday and others when I don’t read at all.

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