Still super sick

I’m still down with COVID and a fever what are some home remedies y’all use to get through being sick??

I always drink Kool aid and eat a lot of chicken noodle soup to stay hydrated and give my body something to work with

Honey and tea can be soothing and energising and calming


Put wet washcloths in the fridge and lay them on your neck and over your forehead when cold.

Sip something liquid every fifteen minutes.

Chew ice chips.

Take Tylenol and ibuprofen. Alternate them on schedule.

Sleep when you are tired.

Watch relaxing tv shows.

You can go without food for a few days but you must stay hydrated.

If you cannot keep down fluids go to the hospital for iv fluids. Vomiting and diarrhea dehydrate your body very quickly. Sip something like bone broth or chicken broth throughout the day.

Most importantly, get rest. It will help your body fight the illness. You can also buy chewables at the pharmacy such as elderberry and vitamin c that will boost your immune system and shorten the illness.

Hope you feel better. :heart:


Hugs to you @Noise .

I hope you feel better asap. :heart:

I just got over some kidney stones.


Oh, if it’s covid make sure to buy an otc pulse oximeter. Check your breathing. If you oxygen drops below 90% you need to go in for breathing treatments and checked for pneumonia. Covid is notorious for causing breathing issues even in low risk patients.

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Where can you get one of those?? I’m pretty high risk and I’ve been worried about it

You can get them at most normal pharmacies, or order one online through Amazon or such. It’s about 15.00 give or take for a good one.

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Lemsips i find helpful. Its a drink for flu and colds.

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