Still life sketch 3-13-19

I bought dollar tree sketch paper on Sunday for a dollar. Not the best quality, but I figured I would try something different. I just drew this pottery vase from a distance.


here is another one I just did.


I have so many ideas to draw after I got all the positive feedback on my post yesterday. I decided to draw with my illustration pens on the dollar tree paper now… lol


I love all of these, but my favorite is the second one!


cool, thanks for the feedback!

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You are very talented. I drew a lot growing up and even tried to get into serious sketching as an adult. I wasn’t super good at it, although it was fun to do. You are way better at it than I ever was though. Thanks for sharing!

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It’s really good! Good job!!!

They are all very good!

Thank you! 1515151515

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Thanks!! 15151515

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Thank you! 15151515

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All that matters is it’s fun to do


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