Still having a feeling something bad is going to happen to me

Still having this feeling something bad is going to bad happen to me. Im paranoid and scared. Why im i having this feeling.

Because capylta isn’t working out for you.


you think so 15151515

Yes I do. Talk to your psychiatrist. Tell them you’re still paranoid.

Nothing bad is going to happen to you. You just have a paranoid feeling.

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ok thanks i will.

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I have been slightly paranoid the last few days. I think it is caused by citrus interfering with my meds. I started drinking orange juice a week ago and now my mind gets paranoid and I walked a red light today because I was totally out of it and a bus would have hit me if it didn’t slow down.

I stopped drinking citrus some years ago, but I forgot why and started again…now I remember why and I will quit again. Orange juice tastes good but it’s not worth dying for :blush:


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