Still feeling stressed

Everything in my life is on the upswing, so why do I still feel so stressed? I’m talking to this lovely lady, I passed my state test for CNA which I thought I was going to fail, I’m going to get to keep my health insurance, which I thought I was going to get denied and lose coverage, and I got the okay from my pdoc to start looking for a job. These are all amazing things, I’ve been under so much stress but all of my problems are working out yet I still feel stressed.

How can I learn to accept the good things without worrying something awful is right around the corner?

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I also struggle with catastrophic thinking a lot.

My advice, try and live in the moment and not worry so much about what bad things could happen.

Congrats to you though! Those are all really awesome accomplishments!

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Thank you Monte!

That’s what my therapist says, live in the moment. I just dont know how to do that. I feel broken.

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