Stigmatising headline from the Daily Express

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… I can’t even!

Nah, I think that post is pretty spot on if you think about it.

Most people with psychosis/schizophrenia are not violent. The headline suggests the opposite. It is bad and irresponsible journalism.


I don’t agree with you at all. I was never violent towards others.

Yeah, neither was I.
Verbally I might have been aggressive when I was hospitalized and during psychosis during the actual onset I was a danger than all of a sudden it dripped away and withered me down, so I became less aggressive and more passive while coping with the actual illness.
I do agree with the post almost 100% though.
try google the tv series changing minds.
It will give you some perspective if you’ve forgot.

It’s not.
They aren’t saying all are, re-read through it.
Nearly everyone can understand schizophrenia to some extent these days.
Hardly anyone see’s it as an all out aliens, or violent tendency thing anymore.
that rarely happens in the head lines anymore.
they basically said some cases.
so if something doesn’t seem right or you are in a not so good situation its best to call the police.
But the actual opposite tends to happens, most people get a kick out of it.
I was just in the hospital recently and can see it clearly even more so than my first time with the illness half the ■■■■■. in there shouldn’t be there.

I think being a danger to others is a real issue, but so are many people without a mental illness. I knew a bunch of them. I don’t think associating mental illness with violent it’s correct, statistacally we are more prone to be victims of violence than the perpetrators. I was also agressive, but I didn’t present a danger to others, even if others were scared, that’s their stigma, and this kind of headline promotes just that. If people think we’re violent we get more harsh hospitalizations instead of real treatment. Also, other people might try justify their violent actions through mental illness which is also not correct. I won’t take a tv show for an answer to this question, my mind is pretty much made up about this issue.

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we don’t get more harsh hospitalizations over a head line.
because we come of as aggressive.
Most schizophrenics that are aggressive are in prison not psychiatric care.
the ones that are in there for a long time have completely lost it bat sh#t crazy.

Self stigma is one of the worst things when we’re stable you know?

Never had that thought,
I live as if i’m not even schizophrenic.
I was hospitalized recently and I won’t go into depths or details about it, but i’m pretty certain I have some general idea about what goes on and what happens.
Harrassment is generally a key issue in the whole case,
when I went into the hospital after 3 years,
I wasn’t hearing voices or anything, I just saw an event that I could use as an excuse to spark a memory or debate when I arrived at the hospital and one of the first things I did, was snap into that setting that I had programmed in those settings years prior,
which only came on due to lack of sleep and a long walk while darting over subjects in my head.
and just like last time I was hospitalized for 1 week.
1 week;
If people understood how mentally ill I was first time around they would have kept me in their for months but it was only 1 week as well.
What i’m trying to say is - fu#ck the self stigma, and stigmatized headlines, hardly anyone actually thinks like that about schizophrenics in this country or most countries they barely even care as long as you are able to manage yourself to some extent without going of the deep end most people just move on from it.
The only ones that generally do fall for the headlines are the ones that haven’t looked into it or studied it mate.
or seen it in the movies.
I was still 19, when I thought it was oh “aliens”.
most people see when they go into a hospital or hear about it from someone they’ve known or met that works in one.
Our biggest stigma isn’t any of that, it’s actually that we are zombies due to medication.

I’m not a zombie man… that’s a problem some have, with some meds, not all of us and it’s not even a stigma…

I’m not even sure why I’m talking to you about this, I don’t actually think you understand stigma very much.
Maybe you haven’t dealt with it much or you don’t get how it affects most of us. If you were a danger to others than I’m glad you aren’t anymore. A lot of us weren’t and aren’t. That’s the point.

It angers me to see one of us fall for the stereotype. Just carry on, I’m out of this convo

maybe it’s because why would you even give a f#ck about the head line so much.
we’re zombies to all of them working in that industry, unless you’ve completely snapped and can’t get out of it and walking around laughing or sprouting bullsh#t.
Most people just shut up and enjoy the drugs and get out ASAP.
who cares about the headlines has it even effected you?
so much of it’s true when you come out of it and look back at yourself or behaviours or look at a lot of cases in particular, they just don’t grab a few cases here and there and slap it together and say that’s that, it’s a general thing they have documented over time.

What I tend to find most interesting, is the amount of bullsh#t that can be said about you via people in the mental health industry, i’ve done fuc# all and had some wild claims just for responding to questions.
It’s ■■■■■■■ ret#arded man maybe you have no idea.

That’s why I clapped.

I don’t think I’m seeing the right thing…I click on the link and see an article titled “What is Schizophrenia” what am I missing???

They changed it! It said something about violence being a symptom.

Oh, wow! I just read the whole article, and it’s not a very good article anyway. I’m glad they changed the title :slight_smile:

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It’s a possible symptom when under the influence of drugs, or just naturally with the illness itself when it spirals out of control.

i don’t think violence is a symptom, i think that is very unfair if they said that :frowning:

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Actually, everyone has violent tendencies, or thoughts about violence, as it was discussed yesterday in my psychology class. The difference is either one acts upon it or not. It’s not considered a “somewhat” symptom, because it’s not a symptom, it can be a consequence, but it’s not a symptom.

Yes, but there is a difference between mental ones which I’ve experienced but never acted on and non mental.