Stigma, society and schizophrenia


I think the stigma is unfair.


The sad thing is that stigmatising attitudes occur even amongst those who can be placed a long way across the right side of the bell curve. People you’d expect to know better,often don’t know better.


It doesn’t help my case when I leave the house confused and not properly dressed and unable to socialize.

How do I advocate I am a good person when people judge me for my oddity just in presentation.


It shows how eagerly we presume people that don’t share our values and evaluative judgements must somehow have an information (processing) deficit. The age old confused longing to derive oughts from is’es.

Stigma is ingrained in our culture. Hard to change. Moreover, people fear what they don’t understand.

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Yeah, but it happens, and not just to SZs. You’ll love ageism when you get older.

Or wheelchairism. I’ve had that!

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I suggest having it painted with flames.


Important to send the right message.


I’m having a major advocacy fatigue maybe, but I feel like the normies will not change despite how much work we put into eliminating the stigma. I tried to be open about my illness, but got rejected from dorms and kicked out from programs etc. I’m tired of discrimination. The world’s heart is hard as a rock.

I always carefully advise people to not end up in the same situation as I am. As a result of my illness, I caused harm to so many people and lots of people have left me. The world hates differences, although I cherish my differences as part of myself. The world simply isn’t willing to change.